Living in the City: Are you at higher risk of mental disorders?

Thinking on a macro level

Socioeconomic Inequality and Mental Health

Recently, I have been fighting a lot with sleeping disorders which, apart from the factor “anxiety”, is mostly due to noise coming from neighbors or the street. I started thinking that we, people of the city, must suffer from some kind of a disorder. You must only be sick if you live in a small apartment with thousands of people living next, over or under you, and be in position to say that you have some quality living. Stress, anxiety, sleep disorders are the plague of our times. Here comes the “socio-economic” factor; if you are rich enough you could afford a bigger house on the suburbs and enjoy quiet, environmental and living quality, which in turn could offer you some kind of mental health. Is there really a relationship between inequality and our mental health?

Triggered by this thought I started looking for scientific proof…

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